Udine, located in north-eastern Italy, is the center of the Region named Friuli Venezia Giula, sometimes defined as a “jewel between the mountains and the sea”. Historically, Udine was part of the Venice Republic, and the influence of Venetian architecture is clearly seen today on some of its most beautiful buildings. Udine is very close (and conveniently connected) to interesting tourist locations such as Venice, Trieste, Aquileia, Cividale, Grado, and the Alps. It is also close to the borders of Austria and Slovenia. The Friuli Region is also known for some of the best Italian wines.

currency   is the euro - €. Most Italian services accept major credit cards. Banks are closed on saturdays and sundays.
tipping   is not expected in Italy and rounding up the bill is completely within your discretion.
temperatures   may range between -2 and +10 Celsius degrees, rainy weather cannot be excluded, snow is rather infrequent (3 days forecast)
voltage   is 220-230 V (50 Hz). Plugs and sockets are of types C, F and L. Adapters may be purchased at the main airports.
call   italian phone numbers require to dial +39 (or 0039) frontward

By plane

There are three main airports close to Udine: Venice (Marco Polo airport, IATA code VCE), Trieste (Ronchi dei Legionari airport, IATA code TRS) and Treviso (Sant'Angelo airport, IATA code TSF).

Venice  airport  
is served by all major airlines. From this airport you can easily reach Udine by train (see below), but first you have to reach the nearby train station in Mestre: there are convenient bus services (about 25 minutes, check schedules at the Venice airport link above and be careful to take the bus to Mestre and not to Venice):
  • ATVO (blu buses, more comfortable), every 20-30 minutes. Tickets in the arrivals hall or on board
  • ACTV (orange buses, less comfortable), every 30 minutes. Tickets in the arrivals hall.

If you wish to visit Venice before coming to Udine, both ACTV and ATVO lines provide also transportation services from the airport to Venice (piazzale Roma). From Venice train station you can directly take a train to Udine then.

Trieste  airport   is the nearest airport to Udine and it is served by some international airlines. A bus service (operated by APT, line 51) takes you to the Udine bus station which is in front of the railway station (about 1 hour, check schedules at the Trieste airport link above).
Treviso airport   is conveniently served by some low-cost airlines (e.g. Ryanair). There are direct bus links from the airport to Treviso and/or Mestre train station. Treviso, together with Mestre, is along the train line Udine-Venice. You can check bus and airplanes schedules at the Treviso airport link above.

By train

Udine train station is well connected to all major italian cities. You can plan your travel here. Ticket prices vary slightly depending on the train category (R and IR categories cheaper than IC and ES categories, the latter often require advance booking and/or seat reservation). Remember to obliterate your ticket before catching the train (use the yellow machines along the tracks or inside the stations hall).

By car

You can reach Udine through highways A4 (E70) and A23 (E55). From Austria, take exit Udine Nord (Udine North). From other destinations (such as Venice and Trieste Airports, Slovenia), take exit Udine Sud (Udine South).